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GYM Manager (1 person/day/Gym Site)

  • Gym Coordinator is the primary responsible contact person for this gym location.
  • Pick-ups the following items the night before the tournament and does the following:
  1. Tournament Bracket. Mounts Brackets on walls upon arrival to gym. During the day.  UPDATE the brackets immediately (10-15minutes) after each game.  Welcomes teams (especially out-of- towners)
  2. Score Book, pencils. Makes sure Score Books & pencils are at the Score tables each game & collected
  3. Petty Cash Boxes for Door, Concessions & Merchandise.
  4. Visitor Stamp/Bracelet/Passes, etc.3Turns in money to Tournament Director collected from Door, Concessions, and Registration Table each nite.
  •  Makes sure the Game/Shot Clocks are set up, tested and operational (before 1st game)
  • Confirms that each gym has game referees. (Referees will be paid by Tournament Director)
  • Makes sure there is ICE and First Aid Kit available for injuries.
  • Coordinates with School Building Custodian regarding:
  1. Tables & Chairs for Lobby area and Gyms,
  2. Conditions of Restrooms to make sure enough paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
  3. Nightly Lock-Up (and security)
  4. Establishes which doors are unlocked to control entry—while meeting fire codes.
  •  Hands out Medals at Championship Games, take pictures (if Tournament Director is not available

DOOR TICKET SALES & Registration (1-Adult at all times, 2 people at peak) (Registration 1st day)

  1. Collects money for EACH visitor, daily or tournament passes. Limit 2 coaches get in free per team.
  2. Provides general tournament information on gyms, restrooms, restaurants, parking, directions, etc. – handouts
  3. Keep Lobby Area orderly (no dribbling, horseplay, report spills & blocked fire lanes to school custodian.)
  4. Gets & Returns Cash Box to Tournament Director
  5. Confirms arrival of each Team, Distribute Coaches Packets; Welcomes Coaches and Teams
  6. Notifies Gym Coordinator or Tournament director if a team is not onsite 15-30 min. before their 1st game.
  7. Checks AAU Card and other documentation for each player and coach (as required).
  8. Confirms that each Team has Paid Tournament Fee. If conflict, contact Gym Coordinator or Tony.
  9. Provide general tournament information, schedule or location changes.
  10. Help w/ Door, Concessions, Lost and Found, etc. as needed

CONCESSIONS Volunteers (1-Adult at all times, 2-3 volunteers may be needed at peak times)

  1. Creates Menu, buys Food, Ice, Candy, Popcorn, Sodas, Water, Napkins, Condiments, etc., the night before.
  2. Posts sign(s) for Menu prices.
  3. Gets & Returns Cash Box to Gym Coordinator.
  4. Arrange for Crock Pots, Microwaves, ice chests, coffee pots, warmers, etc.
  5. Cleans Area at night, stores food, appliances.
  6. Arrange for other parents/girls to work concessions when coverage is needed.
  7. Supervise the girls that will work in the Concession Stands.


  1. Confirms count of merchandise to be sold
  2. Hang up Price Signs (T-Shirts, Boxers, etc.)
  3. Get/Turn in Cash Box to Gym Coordinator
  4. Provides general tournament information
  5. Collects lost items left in gyms, etc. at end of day

*May be the Same as  the Concessions leader

OTHER Needs (Floaters)
  1. Signs: Hang up Gym/Court Name; Entry Doors, Concessions, Direction arrows to Rest Rooms, Lost & Found, signs, etc.,
  2. Go to Store for Ice/Concessions as needed
  3. Copies of Maps, Rules, Brackets for Information
  4. Extension Cords, duct tape, set up tables