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May 22-24, 2015; our HTX Fire girls went to San Marcus, Tx to play in the Mid America Youth Basketball Regional Championship.  Our HTX Fire 2023, 2021, and 2020 teams, collectively went 9-1 throughout the tournament (I think God made it rain because it was the only way to put out the Fire that was in San Marcus).  It was a great display of team work and showing how hard our girls have been working this season.  “Play Hard” was in effect for this tournament at Texas State University Coliseum.

HTX Fire 2021 started out the run of wins on Friday evening against the GT Dribblers-GMW,  in the 5th-6th grade Girls American Conference.  Our Fire 2021 girls set the bar high, winning the first game of the tournament for all of our Fire girls that attended the tournament.  On the second day of the tournament, Fire 2021 did not stop playing tough.  they put up two more wins.  One win versus the San Saba JLD and the other against the Austin Lady Wildcats-Smith team.  The Fire 2021 girls worked hard all of the month of May.  They seem to have enjoyed a little of the fruits of their labor over the weekend.

Later on Friday evening, our Fire 2020 girls showed up on the Texas State University Strahan Coliseum floor.  Fire  2020 played in the 7th-8th Grade Girls Big 8 Division.  Fire 2020 played in Pool B and made a statement with their first win of the tournament against Basketball Elite.  The win set the tone for our Fire 2020 girl’s next day of play.  The girls stepped into the Coliseum on fire, winning two more games in a row (Victoria Fusion-8th & Lady Assassins) on Satruday, putting themselves in position for a perfect seed in bracket play for Sunday’s bracket play.  The Fire 2020 team looked wonderful and played well together throughout the duration of the tournament.

Our Fire 2023 team arrived to the Strahan Coliseum eager to “Play Hard”.  Our Fire 2023 team heard of all of the success along with fun that the other Fire teams were having on the court, and wanted to keep the Fire going.  Katy Rebels-Floyd team was the first team to play against our Fire 2023 girls in the 3rd-4th Grade Girls USA Division.  The Fire 2023 team put up their first win of the day with a convincing margin of victory.  The Fire 2023 girls had to play two more games shortly after.  It was a test of conditioning and effort for our girls against teams that they had never heard of before.  The Fire 2023 teams kept the Fire Hot, by winning the next two games by large convincing margins.  The girls set themselves up for a number one seeding in bracket play for the upcoming day.

All of our HTX Fire teams that went to San Marcus played exceptionally well over the weekend.  Due to the rain that left many without power, some with cars floating, had referees unable to get to the Coliseum, and made many not want to test the Fire our girls started; the tournament was canceled.  We are thankful that our parents with HTX Hoops travel to practice on a consistent basis.  We are thankful for all of our coaches that take the time to teach our girls elements of the game that will help the girls with their future basketball endeavors.  We appreciate the teams and parents that travel to represent HTX Hoops.  All of our HTX  Fire teams are working hard.  We will continue putting forth great efforts to having our HTX Hoops Fire parents pleased.  We hope you all had fun this weekend and enjoyed the outcome, even though it rained on our parade.